Welcome to week three of our newsletter! It is now the month of November, so we are hoping for even more improvement compared to the previous month. We hope to get a lot more episodes published this month!

What Have We Accomplished?

New Episode On Youtube!  

We are trying to upload more frequent on our YouTube channel so there is access to video footage of our episodes. Go check it out!

Banner/Flyer Creation  

We have created a new banner or flyer that we plan to put up around school and our town to hopefully get more attraction to our podcast!

Episode This Week!

Jesse Keyser: Join us on a thrilling journey into the world of entrepreneurship with Jesse Keyser, a dynamic entrepreneur who embarked on his business adventure while still in college. In this captivating podcast, Jesse shares his remarkable story, spanning two distinct eras – the Dot Com boom and the thriving franchise sector. Tech Beginnings: At the tender age of 20, Jesse dove headfirst into the tumultuous world of technology startups during the Dot Com era. He vividly recounts the exhilaration and volatility of those times, offering a unique firsthand perspective of the era that reshaped the business world. Franchise Ventures: Jesse’s journey didn’t stop with tech. He and his brother ventured into the franchise sector, igniting a passion for growth and success. Together, they opened multiple Little Caesars Pizza locations, all of which were sold with resounding success. Jesse then explored various franchise brands, including Sport Clips Haircuts, Valpak, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, and Ideal Image. With each brand, he faced unique challenges and overcame them with determination and innovation. Honors & Recognitions: Jesse’s journey is punctuated by remarkable achievements. He earned the title of “Owner of the Year” for two distinct brands, Sport Clips Haircuts and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, a testament to his dedication and excellence in the franchise sector. Current Endeavors & Vision: While Jesse has accomplished so much, his passion for entrepreneurship continues to burn bright. He now serves as the Conference Chair for the 2024 Multi-Unit Franchise conference, where he seeks to shape and inspire the next generation of franchise entrepreneurs. His vision for the future is to share his story, the invaluable lessons he’s learned, and his unwavering belief in the power of youthful entrepreneurship.

What Is Planned For Next Week?

More and More Episodes! 

We plan to upload a lot more episodes than usual next week and going forward. Expect more frequent episodes!

Acquire Decorations! 

We want to get decorations like a BAWM banner or LED lights to make our set-up look a lot nicer. 


One of our next goals is to monetize some aspects of our podcast. This could include creating a subscription that would give extra perks/benefits! These benefits could include early access to episodes and better contact with us!


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