Welcome back to week two of our newsletter! We wanted to take the time at the beginning of this post to thank everyone that has helped us on this journey so far. We are very excited for what is to come next!

Week 2: What Was Accomplished?

Shop Is Now Available!

  • Shirts 
  • Hats 
  • Coffee Mugs 

Expect more products to be available to purchase soon!

We Posted On Youtube!

If you prefer to watch podcasts with videos, we have now uploaded a video to YouTube with visuals of our most recent episode. Go subscribe to bawmcast via Youtube for future videos!

Episodes Uploaded This Week:

Blake Mischley – University of Michigan Student Entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of MeetYourClass shares insight of Balancing Business and Perseverance as a College Student. MeetYourClass has grown, serving as a transformative platform for incoming college students across the nation. Backed by Techstars, and with over 180,000 account creations, we have rapidly become the go-to way for fostering connections and community among students getting ready for that transition to college.            

Jacqueline Faber – Tune in to hear the story of resilience, self-discovery, and the journey from quitting toxic environments to founding a company with a mission to amplify positivity and uphold the values of personal well-being. Our guest’s experience reinforces the idea that it’s not only okay to quit when necessary but often a crucial step toward finding your personal value and purpose.


Watch the video with Blake on Youtube!   

Both of these episodes can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Amazon. 

What Do We Expect For Next Week?

  • More Episodes!  
  • More Products 
  • TikTok Videos! 

We are looking forward to another successful week full of new episodes, new products, and expansion on social media. 

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