Welcome to week one of Bawmcast’s newsletter. A newsletter will be posted every week, giving updates on what we have done and what we plan to do in the future. Stay tuned every week!

What Have We Done The Past Few Weeks?

-> Expanding on social media! We have been trying to develop a twitter, TikTok, instagram, and YouTube accounts, go follow from the icons on the top right to support! Bawmcast is trying to lengthen their outreach and teach more people about what this podcast has to offer. 

Podcast Episode 1

-> We uploaded our first interview with entrepreneur Frank Polese on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and our website here. We are very excited to share what Frank’s knowledge has to offer. Give it a watch here!

-> The set up is complete! BAWM has finally finished setting up our podcast room, meaning we are ready to interview anyone that we come across. It is very exciting that we can finally start recording!

What Does BAWM Plan To Do Next Week?

-> We have our second interview scheduled! We are not going to spoil the content and say it now, but stay tuned to listen to another entrepreneur next week!          




-> More scheduling and posting on social media! In order to get our name out there, we are going to have to find more people to interview and post on social media. If you are interested in getting on an episode, fill out the form under the “contact” section of the site.

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